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Warlord's Realm NES OST

Warlord's Realm is an open-source project to create video game music that is compatible with both Nintendo NES hardware & video game software/audio emulation software. This project was stylised as a three-part soundtrack for role-playing adventure games (with hobbyist NES game & music programmers in mind).

The three soundtracks have been created using an NES music composition tool called FamiTracker 0.3.0. With the hopes that this project could be of use to aspiring hobbyists (who wish to display their talents) as well as professional programmers (who may even wish to make money on the games they create,) Warlord's Realm has been released to the public under the MIT license. This was done in order to promote open-source development, as well as to grant permission to profit monetarily from whatever video games may be produced using this project.

In other words, Warlord's Realm can be included as part of any proprietary package & project, as long as due credit is given.

Due to the nature of video game music, average computer users cannot play any portion of this soundtrack using a standard music player; a Nintendo NES emulator program (such as Nestopia, available here or in the Downloads page,) or an NES audio emulator program are typically used for such applications. However, Windows users can also take advantage of the WinAmp media player & the NotSo Fatso Nintendo NES audio plug-in for it. Both are available here.

However, Warlord's Realm can be heard through this website, through Adobe Flash Player. Here are all three parts of the soundtrack:

The soundtrack in its entirety, though compiled in the form of firmware code for use on Nintendo NES hardware, can be fully taken advantage of using any computer & operating system, as long the necessary software to do so (i.e.: NES programming software, emulation software, etc.) can be executed.

The download links to this project can be found below (as well as in the Downloads page). There are three formats available for download:

1. The "standard Nintendo Sound File (NSF) package" (this is meant for use with Nintendo NES emulation software as well as programming software; if unsure of what package to download, download this one).

2. The "extended Nintendo Sound File (NSFe) package" (this is very similar to the "standard NSF package," except that the files themselves contain embedded track information; the files in this package may be used with programming software as well as with WinAmp & the NotSo Fatso audio plug-in).

3. The "project files package" (this package is mainly meant for people who want to edit any portion of the soundtrack or to use in their project as a basic template; it includes the project files for use with FamiTracker 0.3.0 & the necessary audio sample files as used by this project).

Installing this project onto a computer is simple; extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into any directory. Once this is done, the files may be taken advantage of. In case uninstalling the files is necessary, simply delete the folder where they've been stored.