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TechNES NES Emulator

TechNES is yet another Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. It is based on source code from Martin Strand's Nessie 1.02 emulator (both of which strongly focus on emulating the NES accurately while maintaining an insignificant digital footprint on a user's hard drive). As a matter of fact, both Nessie & TechNES are so small that they can fit on any USB mass storage device of any size without taking a large amount of disk space.

As with Nessie, TechNES is written in assembly language using the RosAsm Assembly Language IDE (the full software package can be found here & in the Downloads page). But unlike Nessie (which has been released to the public under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2,) TechNES has been released to the public under the GNU GPL, version 3.

In other words, even though Nessie can be distributed as part of a proprietary package (due to how lenient the previous version of the GNU GPL actually is,) TechNES cannot be included as part of any proprietary package! This program is free software & will remain as such.

Because it has been a while since Mr. Strand has made any additions & bug fixes to Nessie (in spite of the fact that Nessie is under constant development,) TechNES is currently being worked on for three additions; namely, support for WinRAR archives, support for 7zip archives & support for the Nintendo Family Computer's Disk System BIOS & games. Once these three additions have been made (& also submitted to Mr. Strand for addition to the Nessie project,) all other items will be worked on.

The key item to remember is that TechNES is NOT meant to compete with other emulators (especially the Nessie emulator). Since TechNES is based on Nessie's source code, all additions & changes applied to this project will be sent to Mr. Strand for use with his project (as per the GNU GPL).

To use TechNES, one must have a Windows-based computer (including Windows 98 & above) or any compatible APIs/operating systems (such as WINE or ReactOS) with at least 128 MB of RAM & a 750 MHz microprocessor.

Naturally, the download links to this program can be found below (as well as in the Downloads page). There are three formats available for download:

1. The "standard package" (this is meant for general purpose use; if unsure of what package to download, download this one).

2. The "programmer's package" (this is very similar to the "standard package," except that the executable file itself can be directly modified using RosAsm; this package includes the binary image templates for the program's menus, the source code for the user's manual & all other necessary files).

3. The "source code package" (this package is mainly meant for programmers who want to build the entire program from scratch; it includes the assembly sources for the executable file, the binary image templates for the program's menus, the source code for the user's manual & all other necessary files).

Installing this program onto a computer is simple; extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into any directory. Once this is done, the program is ready for operation. In case uninstalling the program is necessary, simply delete the folder where TechNES has been stored.

Full instructions are included in these packages (both in compiled HTML help format & embedded into the program itself).