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The Crappy Forum Project

This is the project page for the Crappy Forum. Like the name suggests, this project's all about making a sub-par software package that can be used as a basic web forum.

It all started as a joke on the Emulation Collective's (now-dead) forum; it was meant as a practical joke to demonstrate ingenuity (or a lack thereof) when it comes to practical open-source projects. The key to this is the idea of a forum that doesn't store any data (other than log-ins) in any flat file on the forum's server; the most hair-brained idea any web enthusiast can conceive. Everything is done using Zubrag's Advanced Password Protection script, The Simple Website Comment Box & a file upload script modified from W3Schools. Download the source code here.

The project's source code will be freely available & accessible under the terms of the GNU General Public License.