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SSH Account Creator Script

This is the project page for an SSH server account generation script, inspired by the user registration method used by The Super Dimension Fortress remote shell service.

With a well-configured Linux, BSD or MacOS X server running the GNU core utils, all that's needed to run this script is an SSH server daemon, quota tools, a user account dedicated to running the account generation script & an entry in the OS' sudoers file to permit only the script to be executed. Optional items can include configuring the system's SSH config & /etc/passwd files to allow for password-less remote logins & to set a nulled password on the dedicated user account running the script.

This script is designed in such a way that it should be difficult (if not impossible) for a malicious user to break free from the script during execution & entre a system shell to execute commands. This said, it's for the best to still maintain proper security protocols on the server, including a strong firewall on the server's side, a strong firewall policy on the server's router & anti-virus software (for the sake of system security, do NOT rely entirely on the script's lock-in methods).

The script can be downloaded here. Feel free to modify its contents & commands as needed.