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BrowzOS Cloud OS

Below is the download package of BrowzOS' page sources, available in various formats accessible to GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X & various other operating systems. Below each download link will be a CRC-32 checksum, an MD5 checksum & an SHA-1 checksum for verification of the available packages.

In order to open & extract some of the archive files bellow, an archiving program must be used. The PeaZIP project is highly recommended for this; not only is it open-source (released under the GNU GPL,) but it can readily create/access a huge number of file formats (PeaZIP can open/extract RAR, 7zip & various other archive formats) & is readily available for Windows & various GNU/Linux distributions. This is very useful not only for those who cannot pay for a license to use WinRAR, WinZIP or similar, non-free archiving programs for Windows, but is especially useful for those who use GNU/Linux instead of Windows & cannot otherwise install these utilities. PeaZIP is also good for editing & rebuilding an archive for redistribution purposes (except for RAR archives, for which you need to buy a license to use WinRAR under Windows).

In order to verify file checksums under Windows or Mac OS X, use HashTab; it is free to download & use, but is not open-source. This utility can verify a good number of checksum types, including MD5, CRC-32 & SHA-1 checksums.

To verify file checksums in GNU/Linux, type the command "md5sum /.../browzos_source.ext" in a command line window, where "/.../browzos_source.ext" should be replaced with the full path & file name of the downloaded package, including the file extension. If verifying an SHA-1 checksum is preferred, replace the "md5sum" command with the "sha1sum" command.

Here are the available packages:

  • ZIP archive (24.2 MB)
    CRC32: 125A5EAA
    MD5: 84BCA656FFB011619EAC64C2FBA88AEC
    SHA-1: 5E39CDBAC9DA6A5F74D2E10CD9A80DC64904A9E6

  • RAR archive (11.5 MB)
    CRC32: 912CF9AD
    MD5: 86A686B50108FC3116AB4474FF1DBE95
    SHA-1: F0CA964FF40FFFD5471DC5E5CCD120C1BDDC8A70

  • GZip Tarball (22.8 MB)
    CRC32: 66EFA9FD
    MD5: D8D48BEAED92980698CB0C4CDF0DCA25
    SHA-1: 042A6DAA72D10FEE2CFC0F4FD7AB13663805EEEC

  • bzip2 Tarball (16 MB)
    CRC32: 1B2FC1EB
    MD5: 964137875EB46FFCB200F3E4955DEC36
    SHA-1: 4F206E080CC7A8A7880199D3129C41AABEE0ABBD

  • 7zip archive (11.3 MB)
    CRC32: 25849128
    MD5: B610D3170B5751E6D05D598FD5A60FD5
    SHA-1: B823C856A6BD73307B9EA3E8B28E52E1C3C6ACDA

  • Self-extracting 7zip executable (11.4 MB)*
    CRC32: EB5FCF10
    MD5: 36B750DAE572DE18B7D89B56D0EF9BBA
    SHA-1: 0DA38F554C2802A3A5946AF47516AD7CE53B745B

* Note: Some archiving programs installed on any non-Windows computer can access the contents of a self-extracting executable, even though these can only execute under a Windows environment. This archive is intended for Windows users who do not have an archiving utility such as PeaZIP installed on their system & who cannot download/extract any of the other archive formats for some reason (such as a slow internet connection, faulty/corrupt archive file access & other Windows-related problems).

Usually, GNU/Linux & many UNIX-like operating systems come with some binary program for working with Tarballs & even ZIP archives. Some distributions may not include 7zip or RAR file support; hence, the recommendation to use PeaZIP.