Not Journal

Hi, This is Not Journal. It's like my Journal but not really because Journal is private so this is Not Journal.

2020-09 September

2020-09-02 Wednesday


Hmm I'm getting Déjà vu, I feel like I've started Not Journal before & deleted it or something.

I'm not really going to update this frequently so no point in keeping time sub-tree but I'll keep it anyways. This is useless TBH because I'm not going to write anything here, why wouldn't I write them in my Journal instead?

2020-10 October

2020-10-06 Tuesday


systat(1) is nice, I haven't explored all of it but the bottom left corner shows drive write/read speeds.

I'm thinking of turning this into a knowledge page or something. I'll write little things I learn over here. Err… I'll forget about this again.

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